PMI-001 Q&A – Section 6: Quality Management (121-123)

Section 6: Quality Management

The widget production project is well underway. The requirements are clear that each widget must weigh between 0.320 and 0.325 ounces. The first day of test production resulted in 1247 widgets. Of the widgets inspected, 47 percent fell within the acceptable weight range. This is an example of:
A. Control limits.
B. Quality assurance.
C. Control charting.
D. Corrective action.
Answer: A

The situation described would occur as part of Perform Quality Control, not Perform Quality Assurance (choice B). The question specifically describes control limits, which are only a part of control charting (choice C). Corrective action (choice D) is needed, but it is not described here.
Source: PMPĀ® Exam Prep Page: 277

Which of the following best describes a control chart?
A. A bar chart showing project activities and their schedule
B. A chart showing the upper and lower control limits
C. A chart showing potential causes of issues
D. A chart showing loops between activities
Answer: B
Choice A is also referred to as a Gantt chart, choice C is a cause and effect diagram, choice D is a GERT diagram.
Source: PMPĀ® Exam Prep Page: 276

A project is in progress, and the project manager is working with the quality department to improve stakeholders’ confidence that the project will satisfy the quality standards. Which of the following are ALL outputs of this process?
A. Change requests, project management plan updates, completed checklists
B. Quality metrics, process updates, change requests
C. Recommended preventive actions, benchmarking, process updates
D. Change requests, recommended corrective actions, process updates
Answer: D
This question is similar to others in this program, but not exactly the same. You may also see this occur on your exam. Carefully read the questions! In this case, we are in the Perform Quality Assurance process.
Completed checklists (choice A) are an output of Perform Quality Control. Quality metrics (choice B) are an output of Plan Quality. Benchmarking (choice C) is a tool of the Plan Quality process. Only the items in choice D are all outputs of the Perform Quality Assurance process.