PMI-001 Q&A – Section 6: Quality Management (61-70)

Section 6: Quality Management

The code development phase of a software project is nearly complete when the first code review is conducted. During the review, it is discovered that the application is missing functionality required to complete a key business process. However, the product scope never specified this functionality. What should the project manager do?
A. Reject the functionality as out of the project’s scope.
B. Agree to include the functionality in the current release.
C. Agree to include the functionality in the next release.
D. Assess the impact on the project of including the functionality, and inform the sponsor.
Answer: D

A project manager must always evaluate the situation before recommending a corrective action or a change.
Source: PMP® Exam Prep Page: 287

A project manager needs to determine if the manufacturing process planned for the new micro-satellites will meet quality standards. Each satellite takes about three days to manufacture and costs US $125,000. The satellites are so small that inspection would destroy them. Under these circumstances, what should the project manager do?
A. Outsource the inspection to another company with more expertise.
B. Evaluate the attributes of the population.
C. Inspect a sample of the satellites.
D. Decrease the costs of quality.
Answer: C

A project team has invited many of the project stakeholders to help them inspect quality on the project. Which of the following would NOT be an output of this activity?
A. Quality management plan
B. Quality control measurements
C. Recommended preventive actions
D. Validated deliverables
Answer: A
Only a quality management plan is not an output of Perform Quality Control.
Source: PMP® Exam Prep Page: 286

The acceptable range of variation of a process is the ___________ on a control chart.
A. Mean
B. Specification limit
C. Rule of seven
D. Upper and lower control limit
Answer: D
The control limits are set based on the company’s quality standard and indicate the acceptable range.
Source: PMP® Exam Prep Page: 277

If a data point falls outside the upper control limit of a control chart the process is said to be:
A. Assigned a cause.
B. Out of control.
C. In control.
D. Gold plated.
Answer: B
Choice A couldn’t be correct, as the process is not assigned a cause, the data point is. Read the questions carefully!
Source: PMP® Exam Prep Page: 277

All of the following are tools of Perform Quality Control EXCEPT:
A. Cost of quality.
B. Inspection.
C. Control charts.
D. Flowcharting.
Answer: A
Tools and techniques for Perform Quality Control include flowcharting, statistical sampling, Pareto charts, control charts, and inspection.
Source: PMBOK® Guide Page: 208

Which of the following is TRUE of inspections?
A. They may not be conducted by the project team.
B. They test future desires of prospective customers.
C. They can only be conducted on the final product.
D. They prevent defective deliverables from reaching the customer.
Answer: D
Inspections may be conducted at any level, including the project team, and at any time throughout the product development. They are used to prevent defects from being delivered to the customer.
Source: PMP® Exam Prep Page: 272

Another project has had a major defect. A project manager has gotten his project team and the process engineers involved in analyzing how this might affect their project. Which of the following would BEST describe what the group is involved in?
A. Quality Analysis
B. Plan Quality
C. Perform Quality Assurance
D. Perform Quality Control
Answer: B
The group is using organizational process assets to improve their project. Although the incident just occurred, it was on another project. They are in the Plan Quality process.
Source: PMP® Exam Prep Page: 274

Evaluating overall project performance regularly is part of:
A. Quality Management.
B. Perform Quality Assurance.
C. Plan Quality.
D. Perform Quality Control.
Answer: B
The key word here is "overall." Perform Quality Control (choice D) is incorrect because we are not addressing the specific performance of an activity.
Source: PMP® Exam Prep Page: 281

The results of another project have just been posted. Substantial rework will be required in order to meet the project requirements. Because the cost is so high, effective immediately, the project management office will be requiring all projects to do statistical sampling. What is the project management office concentrating its efforts on improving?
A. Quality management
B. Quality assurance
C. Quality planning
D. Quality control
Answer: D
The problem described occurred on another project. An attempt is being made to use that information to control this project. Realizing that this is a control activity automatically gets you the right answer.
Source: PMP® Exam Prep Page: 279

Identifying ways to eliminate the causes of unsatisfactory performance would MOST likely lead to:
A. Quality audits.
B. Work performance information.
C. Recommended corrective actions.
D. Updates to the performance measurement baseline.
Answer: C
Quality audits (choice A) and work performance information (choice B) would lead up to the performance issues being identified. The performance measurement baseline (choice D) is made up of the scope, time, and cost baselines. Changing that would not address the problem of unsatisfactory performance. It is likely that recommended corrective actions would be the result.
Source: PMP® Exam Prep Page: 287