PMP Exams and Self-Study Resources

The following is the chosen and best collection of PMP exams and other links. The idea is to give you quality and not quantity. Each item below has expert comment. So you dont waste your time doing things that are not needed.

PMP Study Material

1. Project Management Glossary ( 6036 )

A huge collection of PM Terminology that you will need for the PMP Exam. Quickly glance through the terms that you dont know and make a note.

2. Critical path Document ( 5345 )

If you have time, you can go through this short 23 page document on Critical path, it explains with pictures and making it fun.

3. Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs ( 4200 )

Good explaination of Maslow’s Hierarchy on this page

Free PMP Exams

4. Oliver’s 75 Free PMP questions: ( 14922 )

A very good collection of questions. to test your knowledge. The questions are close to the PMP Exam. A very popular , yet best kept secret.

5. PM Study Free Exam and Good paid exams: ( 8259 )

Here you can enroll for a FREE Test of 200 questions. This is a very popular exam. Most PMPs think that, if you can score 70% and above here you are well prepared for PMP.

6. 20 Free PMP Exam prep questions ( 5640 )

This is not mandatory but a good one to take. Its quick will only take 15 mins or so.

7. Quick 12 Free PMP Questions ( 4399 )

This is not mandatory but a good one to take, only 12 questions. Take it, if you have time.

8. The Test – PMP downloadable Test of 100 questions ( 4959 )

You will have to download and install this exe of 100 questions. This has some practice questions. You can do it in your leisure.

9. Head First’s 200 PMP Exam Practice Sample Questions ( 6269 )

A good 200 question collection. I would recommend you take this test. It has very good explaination on the answers. It will clear your concepts.

10. 200 PMP Sample questions from Tutorial Point ( 5304 )

Mock PMP questions. Take a look at first few of these to see if you want to continue. Recommeded if you have time. You can skip over this test, since it has some repeat questions too.

11. Sample 160 PMP Questions ( 3581 )

This is not as popular as other tests. However you can evaluate this for yourself. start by taking the test. If you find that its not helping you, skip over this.

12. PMP 1538 Questions in Flashcard format ( 5461 )

I would keep this last on my list. However I suggest you go through the few cards at random. You may find some valuable questions here.

PMP Resources

13. Buy Top PMP Books ( 2419 )

A great compilation of Top PMP books that you can order. You dont have to wase your time searching for it.

14. PMP Notes from Tutorial Point ( 3728 )

These notes are good reference for Key terms and important points. Not required , however some people find it useful

15. Free PMP Podcasts 78+ Episodes. ( 3961 )

This websites has podcasts that you can listen on website or download to your iPod. More than 78 episodes and more coming up.

Free PMP Exams

16. 175 PMP Sample Questions in PDF ( 5766 )

A good collection of 175 PMP Sample Questions in PDF format. I would recommend this sample exam if you have time. It has few questions which will enhance your understanding of some concepts.

PMP Study Material

17. Free Flashcards for PMP ( 4229 )

Here is a collection of some flashcards from quizlet. You can transfer it to word document and print it for your reference. I liked the ideas of people contributing to flashcards thereby creating a repository. Even if you dont want to print them, go through the flashcards and I am sure you will learn some new things. !

PMP Resources

18. Vijay Verma on delegation ( 1338 )

Some great points regarding what should a PM delegate and what not. Read it and you should be able to answer questions on delegation.