PMP Q&A – Section 7: Human Resources Management (61-70)

Section 7: Human Resources Management

You are managing a project with part-time resources in a weak matrix organization. Several of the team members attend team meetings and have not completed their activity assignments as scheduled. At your next team meeting, the MOST important agenda item would be:
A. To review the work breakdown structure.
B. Team building.
C. To review project schedule and assignments.
D. To define the impact of the delays.
Answer: D

Did you realize the activities may or may not be on a critical path?
Source: PMP? Exam Prep Page: 331

Which of the following conflict resolution techniques will generate the MOST lasting solution?
A. Forcing
B. Smoothing
C. Compromise
D. Problem solving
Answer: D
Problem solving normally takes more time, but it gets buy-in from everyone, generating a more lasting solution.
Source: PMP? Exam Prep Page: 329

Which of the following is the primary output of the Develop Project Team process?
A. Change requests
B. Staffing management plan
C. Team performance assessment
D. Updated issue log
Answer: C
Choices A and D are parts of Manage Project Team. Choice B is part of Develop Human Resource Plan. The Develop Project Team process involves training and other activities that make team members more capable of doing their jobs. Therefore, you expect performance improvements to result.
Source: PMP? Exam Prep Page: 324

A project manager presented premier performance certificates to project team members who delivered above and beyond their required activities at each project milestone. This is an example of:
A. Project performance appraisal.
B. Gold plating.
C. A recognition and rewards system.
D. Team building.
Answer: C
Choices A and D refer to projects, not individuals. The actions described are generally required, and not gold plating (choice B). A recognition and rewards system involves formal management action to promote desired behavior of individuals.
Source: PMP? Exam Prep Page: 318

The engineering resource group, a matrixed organization of which a project manager’s project team is a part, has a policy of no salary bonuses for project work. The project manager’s current project has an aggressive timeline and a difficult technical obstacle to overcome. A new product offering is dependent on this project’s success in the current timeline. The project manager has heard grumbling from his team members about the fact that they cannot be rewarded for their effort. What is the FIRST thing the project manager should do?
A. The project manager should determine whether other team members from another department can help with the project.
B. The project manager should talk to management to determine other rewards that can be given.
C. The project manager should negotiate a less aggressive schedule from the client.
D. The project manager should talk with the team about the importance of getting this done on time and explain the company policy.
Answer: B
Projects often need their own reward systems to affect performance. Project managers should create such a system for each project.
Source: PMP? Exam Prep Page: 318

A team member is not performing well on the project because she is inexperienced in system development work. There is no one else available who is better qualified to do the work. What is the BEST solution for the project manager?
A. Consult with the functional manager to determine project completion incentives for the team member.
B. Obtain a new resource more skilled in development work.
C. Arrange for the team member to get training.
D. Allocate some of the project schedule reserve.
Answer: C
The job of the project manager includes providing or obtaining project-specific training for team members.
This kind of training is a direct cost of the project.
Source: PMP? Exam Prep Page: 323

A project team member has just completed work on the microprocessor for the new human system performance monitor and is now finished with the project. The project manager should:
A. Evaluate the project’s resource requirements.
B. Provide input to the team member’s performance appraisal.
C. Reevaluate the activity duration estimates.
D. Change the staffing management plan.
Answer: B
After a team member completes project work, it is the project manager’s job to provide input to the team member’s manager regarding performance appraisals.
Source: PMP? Exam Prep Page: 325

A project manager is finalizing the resources for the project team. All of the following will help the project manager complete this work EXCEPT:
A. Staffing pool description.
B. Work breakdown structure.
C. Staffing management plan.
D. Recognition and rewards systems.
Answer: D
The staffing pool description (choice A) tells the project manager who is available. The WBS (choice B) describes what work needs to be done. The staffing management plan (choice C) describes the project manager’s plans for staffing the project. Recognition and rewards systems (choice D) are only relevant after the team is created.
Source: PMP? Exam Prep Page: 325

You are in the executing process group of a major project with an estimated cost of US $22 million. Two team members are having a disagreement over the potential sellers of a project component, and the project manager has offered to help. The project manager suggests a compromise, and the team members want to solve the problem. Who should decide on the BEST course of action?
A. Management
B. Team members
C. Project manager
D. Customer
Answer: B
Within reason, the technical experts (generally the team members) should resolve the issue. It is unlikely that there will be an opportunity to compromise on the selection of a seller.
Source: PMP? Exam Prep Page: 308

At a critical design review meeting for a large project, several important issues surfaced. After hearing about a major technical problem, one of the subcontractor’s engineers mentions that he experienced a similar situation on another project; he has some ideas on how to solve the current problem. What type of power is the engineer using?
A. Manipulative
B. Formal
C. Expert
D. Referent
Answer: C
Since the engineer has knowledge of the situation and has experienced problems like this before, he would be more knowledgeable than others on the team. This would be expert power.
Source: PMP? Exam Prep Page: 326