PMP Q&A – Section 7: Human Resources Management (71-80)

Section 7: Human Resources Management

A project manager has just found out that a major subcontractor for her project is consistently late delivering work. The project team member responsible for this part of the project does not get along with the subcontractor. To resolve the problem the project manager says, "You both will have to give up something to solve this problem." What conflict resolution method is she using?
A. Confrontation
B. Compromise
C. Smoothing
D. Communicating
Answer: B

The act of both parties giving something defines compromise.
Source: PMP Exam Prep Page: 329

Conflict resolution techniques that may be used on a project include confronting, smoothing, forcing, and:
A. Withdrawing.
B. Directing.
C. Organizing.
D. Controlling.
Answer: A
There is always the option to simply postpone dealing with the issue until later. This is withdrawing.
Source: PMP? Exam Prep Page: 329

"Do the work because I have been put in charge!" is an example of what type of power?
A. Formal
B. Penalty
C. Effective
D. Expert
Answer: A
Formal power is based on your position.
Source: PMP? Exam Prep Page: 326

All of the following are forms of power derived from the project manager’s position EXCEPT:
A. Formal.
B. Reward.
C. Penalty.
D. Expert.
Answer: D
When someone is given the job of project manager they will have formal, reward, and penalty power. But just having the position does not make the project manager either a technical or project management expert.
Source: PMP? Exam Prep Page: 326

What theory proposes that efforts will lead to effective performance and will be rewarded for
A. Conditional reinforcement
B. Maslow’s hierarchy
C. McGregor’s
D. Expectancy
Answer: D
Employees who believe that their efforts will lead to effective performance and who expect to be rewarded for their accomplishments will stay productive as rewards meet their expectations. This is expectancy theory.
Source: PMP? Exam Prep Page: 332

The project work has begun when the project manager notices how many times meetings and discussions are disrupted by power outages and the lack of a warm place to meet. She turns her attention to influencing the organization to improve the team’s working conditions. She is following the concepts of which motivational theorist?
A. Herzberg
B. McGregor
C. Theory Y
D. Maslow’s hierarchy
Answer: A
Herzberg has hygiene factors, both start with an H. You need to memorize them.
Source: PMP? Exam Prep Page: 334

A project manager new to project management is taking on a new project. When is the BEST time to help build the people working on the project into a team?
A. During project initiating
B. Before committing to a project cost estimate
C. Throughout the project
D. During project planning
Answer: C
The best time is when it is needed, and that might happen any time during the project.
Source: PMP? Exam Prep Page: 332

A project has several teams.Team C has repeatedly missed deadlines in the past. This has caused team D to have to crash the critical path several times. As the team leader for team D, you should meet with the:
A. Manager of team D.
B. Project manager alone.
C. Project manager and management.
D. Project manager and the leader of team C.
Answer: D
Those having the problem should resolve the problem. Having had to crash the critical path several times implies that team D has already dealt with these problems. In this case, the two team leaders need to meet.
The extent of this situation requires the project manager’s involvement as well.
Source: PMP? Exam Prep Page: 328

Theory X postulates that people:
A. Are motivated by pay.
B. Have expectations.
C. Need to be watched every second.
D. Can direct their own efforts.
Answer: C
According to Theory X, people cannot do anything without supervision. They will try to get away with everything if you are not careful. Know the two theories, Theory X and Theory Y.
Source: PMP? Exam Prep Page: 333

The MOST common source of conflict on projects is:
A. Personality
B. Cost.
C. Priorities.
D. Schedules.
Answer: D
Don’t be fooled because "personality" is on the list. Schedule conflict is the number one source. Know the top four: schedules, project priorities, resources, and technical opinions.
Source: PMP? Exam Prep Page: 328