PMP Study Plan – How to study the PMP?

Its generally a good practice to make a study plan in MS project or similar software. List down the tasks needed and put dates against each task.  If you miss completing a task on a given day you can easily adjust the dates.

Below is a sample pmp study plan. This is typical for a Project Manager having 3 to 10 years of Project management experience. You can use this sample to create a plan that best suits you.

The plan below assumes that you have completed the 35 hrs of PM training required for PMP exam.

We do strongly recommend that you create a Study Plan. Do not worry about missing out on completion dates. Remember 97% people are achieve their goals, because they have put their goals in writing.

Week1:  PM Framework  , PM Context and PM process

Week 2:  Integration and Scope  Management

Week 3: Time Management

Week 4:  Cost and Quality Management

Week 5:  HR and Communications management

Week 6:  Risk and Procurement Management                          

Week 7: Sample test and questions to find gaps. 

Round 2  (Repeat)          
Week 8:  PM Framework  , PM Context and PM process and Integration Management

Week 9:  Scope and Time  Management

Week  10:  Cost , Quality and HR Management

Week  11:  Communications, Risk and Procurement management

Week 12 : Take a simulation tests and see if you can score around 70% consistently

Week 13 : Relax and Take PMP Exam if you can score 70% in simulation test. If not continue taking the simulation tests till you feel confident.

You can adjust your plan depending on your pace.