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Vendor: Avaya
Exam Code: 3601
Exam Name: Avaya Virtual Services Platform 9000 Maintenance and Troubleshooting Exam

Which statement describes how the access services to the VSP 9000 can be enabled or disabled?

A.    Set flags from the ACLI.
B.    Set boot flags.
C.    Use provision filters.
D.    Use RADIUS authentication.

Answer: A

A technician is generating an SSH key on a VSP 9000 equipped with a secondary CP module. How can the technician make sure the key also saves to the secondary CP?

A.    Use the dir command.
B.    Use TFTP op FTP to copy the key.
C.    Delete some unused files and regenerate the key.
D.    Configure SSH key generation to save to both CP modules.

Answer: D

Which statement about configuring RADIUS authentication on the VSP 9000 is true?

A.    The VSP 9000 user the Global Vendor attributes.
B.    Enable RADIUS management to track the management sessions (ACLI only).
C.    Configuration of Radius Authentication Is supported on secondary CP modules or HA.
D.    The UDP frame official port number must be configured to match the datarmetrics service.

Answer: B

The network was scheduled for some additional network configuration in the distribution and core switch clusters. The engineer completed the configuration and tested the additional VLANs, along with IP addressing and dynamic routing. All of the tests passed for the new addition in the core, distribution and the edge. A few days later a service rail was logged with the service center regarding the recently added changes to the network. The clients in the new subnet are unable to connect to the new service. Which tools and techniques should be used to resolve the problem?

A.    The first test is to do a ping test to the source and destination from any station in the network.
B.    The firsttest is to examine the Forwarding Data Base (FDB) on all of the switches between the source and destination.
C.    Review the problem statement, and gatherinformation on wh3t is working and what is notworking.
D.    Always review the logs forthe core,distribution and edge devices looking for traps.

Answer: D

Which practice does Avaya highly recommend to reduce the load on the Packet Capture Tool (PCAP) engine?

A.    Use PCAP with IP or MAC filters.
B.    Increase the size of the PCAP buffer.
C.    Enable PCAP on the same port as Port Mirroring.
D.    Capture packets ontheegressport Instead of on the ingress port.

Answer: A

A customer has VSP 9000, and wants to switch from High Availability (MA) Mode, also called Hot Standby, to Warm Standby. Which reboot is required after a switch between modes?

A.    Reboot Doth CPUs.
B.    Reboot the Master CPU.
C.    Reboot the Backup CPU.
D.    Do a cold reboot of theVSP9000.

Answer: C

A technician has isolated the source of trouble on the VSP 9000 to slot 6, and needs to get the records associated with that slot. Which command captures those records?

A.    Dump ar
B.    Dump slot
C.    Dumpcore
D.    Dumphardware

Answer: A

Which statement about the Key Health Indicators (KHI) feature of the VSP 9000 is true?

A.    It provides a subset of important system information for quick assessment.
B.    It provides a comprehensive debugging solution.
C.    It enhances the system controlpossible through EDM.
D.    It indicates error situations.

Answer: A

This exhibit illustrates an Routed Split MultiLink Trunking (RSMLT) failure operation when Router 1 fails. What happens with Routers 3 and 4?(Exhibit needed for accurate answer)

A.    Both MACs are flushed.
B.    Hold-up timer kicksinas for router 2.
C.    They resume forwarding traffic after RSMLT recovers.
D.    They continue to forward traffic without any interruption.

Answer: D

Which two are functional elements of the VSP 9000 Flight Recorder? (Choose two.)

A.    Always-on Trace
B.    Snapshot
C.    Persistent Memory
D.    Non-volatile storage cache
E.    Kernel Manager

Answer: AC

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