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Which of the following Cisco router services performs network traffic analysis to assist in documenting a customer’s existing network?

A.    NetMon
B.    MRTG
C.    SNMP MIB compiler
D.    NetFlow

Answer: D

Which Cisco device management feature is most suited to metering network traffic and providing data for billing network usage?

A.    BGP
B.    Cisco Discovery Protocol
C.    QoS
D.    RMON
E.    NetFlow

Answer: E

Which of these domain-of-trust security statements is correct?

A.    Segments within a network should have the same trust models.
B.    An administrator should apply consistent security controls between segments.
C.    Communication between trusted entities needs to be carefully managed and controlled.
D.    Segment security policy decisions are based on trust.

Answer: D

When collecting information about a customer’s existing network, which two sources will provide the most accurate data? (Choose two.)

A.    traffic analysis
B.    customer interview
C.    customer-supplied server list
D.    existing network topology diagram
E.    configurations obtained from network equipment

Answer: AE

Which modules are found in the Enterprise Edge functional area of the Cisco Enterprise Architecture? Select all that apply.

A.    Teleworker
C.    Server Farm
D.    E-Commerce
E.    Internet Connectivity
F.    Remote Access/VPN

Answer: BDEF

A campus network needs end-to-end QoS tools to manage traffic and ensure voice quality. Which three types of QoS tools are needed? (Choose three.)

A.    interface queuing and scheduling
B.    congestion management
C.    compression and fragmentation
D.    bandwidth provisioning
E.    traffic classification
F.    buffer management

Answer: ADE

Which H.323 protocol is responsible for the exchanging of capabilities and the opening and closing of logical channels?

A.    H.225
B.    H.245
C.    RAS
D.    RTCP

Answer: B

Which two features are supported by single wireless controller deployments? (Choose two.)

A.    automatic detection and configuration of LWAPPs
B.    LWAPP support across multiple floors and buildings
C.    automatic detection and configuration of RF parameters
D.    Layer 2 and Layer 3 roaming
E.    controller redundancy
F.    mobility groups

Answer: AB

Which three describe challenges that are faced when deploying an environment for teleworkers? (Choose three.)

A.    supporting a mix of technically knowledgeable and nontechnical users
B.    simplifying router installation and configuration
C.    verifying available power at employee’s house for necessary equipment
D.    avoiding situations where employees might use nonstandard hardware or configurations
E.    reducing daily commuting time to main office location
F.    providing access to FTP servers located in main office location
G.    implementing leased line connectivity between main office and employee’s home location

Answer: ABD

Which statement identifies a benefit obtained when using a top-down network design plan?

A.    provides a more detailed picture of the desired network
B.    facilitates design based on previous experience
C.    is less time-consuming than using a bottom-up approach
D.    allows quick responses to design requests
E.    incorporates customer organizational requirements

Answer: E

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